Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement (knee arthroplasty) is a surgical procedure to replace the weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and improve function. A knee replacement involves the resurfacing (removal of damaged bone lining) of the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) and replacing these areas with metal components. The 2 metal components are separated by a plastic (polyethylene) component.

A knee replacement is a common operation within the Just Knees clinic and is most commonly performed for osteoarthritis. The main reasons for patients becoming candidates for knee replacement surgery are;

  • Pain levels that are affecting everyday lifestyle both occupationally and socially. These symptoms include disturbed sleep pattern, reduced walking distance etc
  • Decreasing knee function that is affecting both occupational and social activities.
  • Continued pain and poor function despite maximising non operative treatment. Non operative treatments include pain killers, weight reduction, physiotherapy, adaption of lifestyle etc.

Patient selection is vital to achieve a good surgical outcome from knee replacement. The risks against benefits need to be explained to the patient by the surgeon in order to achieve a good patient experience and good functional outcome.

Risks from knee replacement surgery include infection, clots, stiffness, persistent swelling, instability, nerve injury, bone injury, blood vessel injury and limited pain relief . In the Just Knees clinic the above complications are rare with 95% achieving good to excellent results.

Your Operation 

  • On the day of your operation, our ward staff will show you to your own private room.
  • A knee replacement involves a 2 to 3 night hospital stay.
  • The operation is commonly performed under regional anaesthetic (injections in back and operated leg) with the patient being sedated throughout the procedure.
  • The operation takes approximately 1 hour to perform and patients are mobilised within 24 hours of the surgery.
  • During the operation, your surgeon will make one or more incisions and remove damaged or worn parts of your knee joint. They’ll then insert your new prosthetic joint. The operation should take around two hours.
  • In patient and out patient physiotherapy is vital in order to achieve a good outcome from surgery. This will be arranged by the Just Knee clinic prior to discharge.
  • The clinic will also arrange clip removal from the wound at 2 weeks, a follow up appointment at 6 weeks and 1 year post surgery and a comprehensive package of pain relief instructions and advice for the first 3 months post operation.


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General Medical Council
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