Should your knee condition require surgery we offer a choice of hospital locations where your procedure can be performed. Depending on your preference, surgery can be carried at the Spire Portsmouth Hospital or Nuffield Chichester Hospital. We will happily arrange this on your behalf and liaise directly with the hospitals booking team.

As a highly skilled knee surgeon, Mr Cossey can ensure your procedure is a success, whether you require:

  • Keyhole Surgery
  • Ligament Reconstruction (ACL repair)
  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery
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Anaesthesia for knee surgery

Undertaking surgery can be a daunting time. Our clinic staff aim to provide confidence, reassurance, making you feel at ease. Dr Bali, Consultant anaesthetist, takes a strong interest in pre-operative assessment, recognising its value in improving patient confidence and anaesthetic delivery. The clinic is unique in that we can provide our patients with a dedicated anaesthetist who performs a high volume of knee anaesthesia. Dr Anu Bali has been with the clinic since its invention and provides an extremely friendly, efficient and skillful service.

Once it has been agreed that surgery is the best treatment for your condition, Mr Cossey will ask you to fill out a questionnaire providing an accurate record of your medical history. This ensures Dr Bali can deliver the best anaesthetic care.

On the day of your procedure, Dr Bali will introduce herself, answering any questions you may have. If you have a more complex medical history Dr Bali may decide to contact you by telephone and discuss your anaesthetic care beforehand.

Patients usually receive a leaflet which helps you understand what to expect from the anaesthetic. This enables you to understand procedural risks in advance of your surgery. If you have any concerns or queries these can be discussed when Dr Bali telephones you, or when she examines you prior to surgery.

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Rehabilitation (physiotherapy)

Certain knee conditions require no surgery and can be managed by Physiotherapy treatment, with good effect. ‘Just Knees’ clinic has developed close links with various Physiotherapy teams within the area and are keen to ensure to have rehabilitation close to home, at your convenience.

The relationship we have with the Physiotherapists allows quick and efficient communication between the clinic and the rehabilitation team, ensuring the best result for your knee. The clinic offers twice-monthly combined clinics with a dedicated knee physiotherapist specialist, which have become very popular. Should you require further information on this clinic, or a referral we are happy to act on your behalf.

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Certain knee conditions can be helped by injection therapy. Two main types of injection have been scientifically proven to work.

Steroid: These injections are anti-inflamatory and are used in knee conditions which cause the knee to become swollen secondary to a synovitis.

Visco-supplementation (Durolane): These injections are used in patients who have articular cartilage damage (Osteoarthritis)

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To have your knee assessed by our Knee Consultant Andy Cossey, please request a consultation and select a date that suits you. Alternatively, call us on 023 9245 6037.

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