What is a partial menisectomy?

This surgical procedure is performed arthroscopically. Its aim is to remove or trim a torn meniscal cartilage within the knee joint.  The meniscus, or cartilage, has an important role in protecting the knee providing shock absorption. The meniscus also enables joint lubrication whilst improving the joints stability.

Often, a meniscus can become torn by direct trauma such as sports injury or a twist to the knee. Repeated daily forces can also lead to degeneration of the meniscus. When a piece of meniscus becomes trapped within the joint, a sensation of locking or catching can be felt and may cause discomfort.

The procedure, performed under general anaethestic, involves removing the torn portion of the meniscus, while trimming the surrounding edges to restore it back to a smooth cartilage disc.  Only a small piece of the meniscus is usually removed.