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Zoltan Zagonyi

” I’ m so thankful to Mr Cossey & his team for operating on my knees. The operations were very complex, but  replacing the ACL ligaments in both of my knees, has given me an opportunity to get back to the normal life & sport, with full a recovery overall. During the whole process I was given full attention, with the highest level of expertise & treatment; it was simply a pleasure being his patient at all times”.

Jo Greenhalgh

” I was referred to Mr Cossey, after suffering with increased pain and lack of stability in my left knee following a football injury. I was diagnosed with a torn ACL which needed to be reconstructed to enable me to get stability back in my knee and to return to playing sport.

The care I received from Mr A. Cossey and his team before and after the operation was exemplary. 5 months after the operation and I am still receiving 3 monthly appointments to ensure my complete recovery. I have every respect and gratitude to Mr A. Cossey as an excellent surgeon.”

Ony Rogers

“A serious car accident when I was 26 left me with early arthritis in my left knee.  25 plus years later the knee stopped holding my weight and I had to use crutches to get around.  I also had to sell my horse and give up my beloved riding because of the pain.

It had been suggested to me that I may never ride horses again, and then I met Andy Cossey, who told me he would get me back in the saddle!  The decision to ask him to do my knee was a very easy one to make.  He quickly put me at my ease and explained things clearly.  He really listened to me and has a lovely sense of humour.

It is evident that Mr Cossey is an excellent knee surgeon, as I now have a better leg than I have had for about 15 years.  I went back to riding 12 weeks post op, and I now enjoy unlimited painfree walking and riding, which is truly amazing.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Cossey to anyone who needs knee surgery; he is skilled, careful and empathetic and I am really grateful for my new knee!”

Ian Glazer

“I was referred to Andrew Cossey by my GP and Physiotherapist after a suspected tear in my cartilage and he sent me for an MRI scan.  This showed the tear and it was recommended that I have knee arthroscopy.  I was quite apprehensive as it is some time since I had any form of surgery and I am on various drugs for other illnesses.  I need not have worried and Mr Cossey’s secretary helpfully checked my concerns with the anaesthetist.

As soon as was practicable I entered the hospital for day surgery and I was immediately put at ease by the attentive and professional behaviour of the staff from the knee clinic.  I completed a questionnaire for the hospital and was kept informed of every step of the way.  The anaesthetist explained what was going to happen but before I knew anything I was back in my room, the keyhole surgery having been successfully carried out.  The nursing staff kept popping in and making checks and a physiotherapist armed me with crutches.  The whole process had taken only 6 hours.  I had little or no pain as the anaesthetist had provided me with pain kilers although I had little need of them and stopped taking them after a couple of days.

A week or so on crutches was followed by weekly physiotherapy and easy home exercises.  I was quickly back walking properly with minimal pain.  The knee clinic had operated with great professionalism from the the nurses to the admin support, the physiotherapists, the theatre staff and anaeshtetist.  Their attention put me at ease and eradicated any concerns.

Hannah Gadsden

“I ruptured my ACL while I was l training for the British Trampoline Championships last year. Being a national trampolinist, a competitive event rider and a keen skier this injury was a massive blow! I was eager to find a surgeon who understood about returning to a high level of competitive sport.  Mr. Cossey was recommended to me through a work colleague and I have been thrilled with the treatment I received.  I always felt able to ask questions and was particularly impressed with the time that Mr. Cossey would take to explain anything I was unsure about. Following surgery I found that his exceptional working relationship with the physiotherapist ensured I was kept on track with my rehabilitation and this really added an edge to the service I received. I am now almost fully rehabbed and looking forward to returning to my sports!” – Hannah Gadsden, Physiotherapist.

Angela Foley

“On the 8th December at the age of 66 years I underwent bilateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (otherwise known as partial knee replacements).  This was due to some severe osteo-arthritis in my knee joints which made them extremely weak and painful when undertaking exercise but also at rest.

Following surgery the convalescence progressed well with physio support throughout the following year (2011).  To date I am much stronger and more confident in the exercise I can undertake and completely pain free.  Walking is now a pleasure.

Mr Cossey was positive, enthusiastic, king and painstaking which helped me completely understand what I was undertaking and how the surgery would benefit me.

I would recommend him to those people needing the same surgery.”

Pauline Jupp

“In 2011 I was referred by my Chichester GP practice for an NHS full knee replacement procedure at the Portsmouth Spire Hopsital and following my research into choice available – Orthopaedic Surgeons at the Spire – selected Mr Cossey as my preferred choice.  I selected Mr Cossey, an ex alumni of Kings College Hospital medical school, because he specialised in knee surgery and demonstrated significant experience in successfully completed knee replacement procedures.  At my first appointment I was immediately puy at ease by his confident manner, simple explanation of the knee joint device and a “warts and all” guide tot he operation.  My 4 day stay in hospital, physiotherapy, 6 month recovery and 12 month review want to plan.  I am pleased to say that thanks to Mr Cossey’s skill and professionalism I am now able to enjoy pain free, all my pursuits of swimming, walking, travel and shipping.  This was a classic example of the NHS and private medicine working together for the benefit of the patient.

Well done Mr Cossey and Spire.

Sandra Harvey

“I had been suffering severe pain in my left knee and was referred to Mr Cossey by my GP.  Mr Cossey confirmed that the cause of the pain was osteoarthritis and said that he felt the best course of action would be a knee replacement. 

When, In November 2009, the day for the operation came I was, to say the least, apprehensive.  Although Mr Cossey had taken a lot of time and care to explain what would be happening,  I was very nervous,  particularly as I had opted for a local anaesthetic.  My worry was that as I was awake I would be aware of what was happening in the operating theatre.  I need not have worried.  Mr Cossey and all the theatre staff put me at my ease, everything was explained to me and I began to feel really relaxed.  The local anaesthetic was painless and produced only a warming sensation in my lower back and legs, and I remembered nothing more until I awoke in my bed on the ward.  I felt no pain (that would come later when the physiotherapists arrived), no sickness,  just the weird  sensation of wanting to move my legs and being unable to do so. I was soon eating tea and toast.

During the rest of my time in hospital, I saw the physiotherapists every day.  They showed me how to do the exercises which were often quite painful.  However, I knew how important they were and kept going, no pain no gain, and pain relief was always available to me.  I practiced walking up and down the corridors, first on a walking frame and then on crutches.  I practiced going up and down the stairs and getting in and out of bed and after four days I was ready to go home.

I continued with the exercises at home and progressed to a walking stick.  Six weeks after leaving hospital I saw Mr Cossey for my outpatient check-up and was pleased to report that I no longer needed a stick.

Unfortunately in 2012 I needed a replacement for the right knee; fortunately Mr Cossey was available to operate.  This went as smoothly as the last one and I am now fully mobile.  I won’t be running any marathons, not many people do at nearly 70, but I do enjoy a long walk in the country. In 2010 I walked a long stretch of The Great Wall of China and this year we will be walking in Burma.  I do sleep without pain and I am very grateful for the new lease of life that modern medicine and Mr Cossey have given me.”

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