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Is your knee pain affecting your job?

Don't worry, we are here to help you.

You’ve hurt your knee and it’s making your job difficult.

You know that you need to get it looked at, but you can’t afford the time away from work.

Perhaps you’ve been to the GP and either they’ve not given you the feedback you’ve expected or not offered the resolution you were hoping for. You really need to see a specialist, but that’s not been offered.

The problem is GPs have limit time available with a patient and they don’t have the specialist knowledge to assess the knee properly.

On top of this, due to increasing pressures on NHS budget, they are reluctant to refer you to the path you need (ie. to see a knee specialist) because of the cost. Instead they try to defer you to other routes which may not be the best option to address your symptoms. In some cases this action can make the problem worse.

This leaves you having to put up with symptoms without any diagnosis or the appropriate treatment being performed.

If you are lucky enough to be referred to a NHS clinic, the wait time can be significant, and even then you may not see the appropriate doctor. You could be seen by trainee doctor, a non-specialised doctor or not even a doctor (physiotherapist).

All this time you are having to work with this knee pain and possibly making the injury worse. You will not be working to your best capacity, delegating work or even turning work down. You may even be taking regular time off work

There is another way.


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You can access a knee specialist yourself. You can have you knee assessed by an expert and obtain an accurate diagnosis without waiting to be referred by a GP. And you don’t need to have medical insurance. You can self fund.

The process is simple:

  • Book appointment

  • Have assessment

  • Get diagnosis

  • Get the problem fixed

No waiting around. You’ll get seen straight away. You can choose a date and time that suits you (for both the assessment and the treatment) and you’ll be seen by a specialist consultant who only deal with knees.

So you’ll be able get back to work quicker, be much more productive and enjoy a better quality of life outside of work too.

Fast Access Appointment

Various clinics across the South Coast. Appointments to suit even the busiest of lives.

Accurate Diagnois

Getting to the heart of the issue. Fully explained in plain english. Path to fixing your problem fully outlined.

Insurance or Self Pay

Approved by all insurance providers. No insurance? We offer competitive and tailored self-pay packages.

Don't just take our word for it...

Debbie Drain - Karate Instructor

"Being a karate instructor, having a knee injury hugely affected my ability to work and to enjoy a normal life. After suffering excruciating pain in my right knee for several months, a physiotherapist recommended I approach a consultant for further tests. I made an appointment to see Mr Cossey at The Spire Hospital in Havant. I was very impressed with the speed with which I was seen and the outstanding level of care thereafter, even more so because it was during the Christmas period.

Mr Cossey was a very nice and friendly gentleman who, after examination, explained what he thought my injury was and immediately followed this up with scans which confirmed his diagnosis. In no time at all I was booked in for surgery for a right knee chrondroplasty and menisectomy.

I cannot fault Mr Cossey or his team who were outstanding. First class care was given all the way, including weekly physiotherapy sessions and follow up appointments to monitor my progress.

Mr Cossey through his expertise of knees and outstanding surgical abilities has given me back the ability to walk limp and pain free and to do the job that I love.

I would HIGHLY recommend Mr Cossey – I am living life to the full once more!"

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"Everything we do is focused on you, giving you the fast personal care and guidance you deserve. We are passionate about our results, which is reflected in our practice"

-  Dr Andy Cossey. Knee Surgeon & Founder

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