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Consultation Fees

Our independent clinic is happy to treat all patients. Whether you are covered by medical insurance or who choose to self-fund, our administration team will deal with every aspect ensuring you don't have to worry.

We are proud to offer fixed rates for our consultations, both for our insured and self-funding clients. We will guarantee there will be no hidden costs or inflated tariffs and this is why the top insurance companies recommend us.

When it comes to surgery we work within the insurer’s fee schedule.   As an insured patient as soon as you receive your procedure code you will be able to speak directly with your insurer. Your insurers will authorise your treatment plan whether this is operative or non-operative and we will honour this fee.

Self-funding patients are offered an inclusive package directly from the hospital which includes Mr Cossey’s fee (surgeons fee), Dr Bali’s fee (anaesthetist fee), all hospital fees (which include your inpatient stay , medication and dressings), physiotherapy costs (unless you choose a designated physiotherapist outside of the hospital) and a review consultation following surgery .

Examples of prices can be in the table above:-  (please note prices are subject to change depending on the insurance company and hospital fee schedules).

*Please note self-funding surgery includes an entire treatment package as outlined above.

**Insured patient’s fees vary and are subject to individual policies.

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