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Arthritic Knee

Do You Suffer With Arthritic Knees?

Don't worry, we are here to help you.

You have a bad knee.
Perhaps it’s beginning to keep you awake at night?

Is it decreasing your walking distance, making gardening difficult, perhaps you're feeling more house bound? You’ve tried walking aids and pain killers but they’re not working?

Perhaps you’ve been to the GP but they have been reluctant to commit to what the problem could be and won’t refer you to a specialist. Or perhaps they have put you on an NHS physiotherapy pathway to begin to address the problem, but it’s not working. Is it making it worse?

The problem is increasing pressures on the NHS

GP’s may be reluctant to ‘label’ someone with a condition to refer them to a specialist, as this means incurring NHS cost. This can mean that less expensive, perhaps sometimes inappropriate, treatment paths are offered insteadThese can often leave the patient prolonging the knee condition, and in some instances, making things worse.

Even after referral waiting times fro an appointment with a specialist can be significant.

This means you’re left to deal with disturbed sleep pattern, limited mobility and possible secondary joint problems from your knee pain putting a strain on other joints. When you are seen, you may not be treated by a specialist knee consultant. They may not even be a doctor. Many patients are assessed by non-specialists for months until an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is provided.

But, there is another way...


The process is simple:

  • Book appointment

  • Have assessment

  • Get diagnosis

  • Get the problem fixed

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We get  to the heart of the issue. We explain in plain English and fully outline the path to fixing your problem

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Trevor Pickford


“Damaged knee (suspected torn cartilage) – with consequent reliance on crutches, inability to drive, general incapacity to live life as usual, and a need to rely on others.

GP unable to authorise scan to diagnose the damage - referral to NHS physio necessary, marked urgent but no response for 8 weeks; even then likely to take at best 9 - 12 months for an NHS operation.

Saw Mr Andrew Cossey for speedy action, efficiency and professionalism, and a good result – though at a price. Was it worth the price?

In retrospect, going privately was a “no-brainer”. Within 3 weeks of contacting his secretary I had seen Mr Cossey twice, had a scan, had my pre-op assessment, and had the arthroscopy operation. All that was done before I had received any contact from the NHS physio department: it took another five weeks for a letter to arrive from them, and then it merely asked me to ring to make an appointment for a future date to have a preliminary assessment.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Cossey and his team for their efficient, friendly and excellent service. Their swift attention quickly enabled me to remove the burden I was placing on others, get my life back to normal, and avoid causing damage to other parts of my body by prolonged awkward walking.

As a retired but active 70 year old I have been very thankful for the treatment I received. For someone else whose livelihood depends upon not being hampered by such an injury, how much more vital is such a service!”


"Everything we do is focused on you, giving you the fast personal care and guidance you deserve. We are passionate about our results, which is reflected in our practice"

-  Dr Andy Cossey. Knee Surgeon & Founder